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"The Emperor's changed the subject:" The purpose of this called you Cheap jerseys china already know you, and yes, that is reward you. "The Emperor got up loudly declared:" I am the emperor's rights in Ireland, the canonization of mine with ??? Third Earl of Irish Empire, Ivan Wang Yong, the second Earl of Irish Empire. .. As for your manor ...... "The Emperor turned took a map on the table, pointing to the top of a not too small an area to Wang Yong and Reagan said:" I am in the Empire After officials to discuss the decision, the most northern of the whole empire letters to you as a seaside province territory. "Royal told again Ray said:" Sihanoukville secret has been relayed to me your request, if you still insist, that this territory is given to the Earl of Ivan. "King explained:" Because I heard you are good friends, I decided to give you a seaside Cheap jerseys paypal closure of two people, half of this piece of territory, if letters to other people, as a result of the entire province adverse developments in the future, so if you give up, then the seaside province can only give Ivan a man of letters. "But what specific adverse, the Cheap jerseys nfl did not say, those aristocrats hate wondered, but they would dare asks Ray had to make a decision now, so do not hesitate to say:." Your Majesty, I still insist, I hope Your Majesty understand , fulfill. "Unfortunately, the emperor nodded, then Wang Yong said:" After the seaside province is your manor, your empire younger generation, has the most vast territory lords. "Some Yong said excitedly:" thank Your Majesty, I will lead efforts to develop, contribute to the empire. "Although already learned that he Cheap jerseys free shipping be fiefdoms, stood up and the landlord, but the landlord to do real time, they will inevitably excitement Emperor Yong satisfaction nodded and said:." Determination is a good thing, but the situation is not seaside province optimistic, let's introduce you to Martin Marquis coastal province of the status bar.

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