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"Martin Marquis is a tall, thin, middle-aged man looks wretched, the emperor's voice faded, he would look sinister smile, said:" seaside province there are about twelve thousand square kilometers, north coast, the west and Eternal Empire border. Ireland because of the good relationship we have Empire and eternal empire, many years without war potential, so there is only one battalion of soldiers stationed symbolic. After you reach the seaside province, bird troops will evacuate the provinces of defense to rely on your own Wholesale jerseys china Also, there is a small seaside province of copper lines and a small iron ore mining has been abandoned because no one. Because Shakespeare Shanhai overstating the east, through the coastal province of rain when the rain clouds, high Wholesale jerseys nfl the ground, so basically there is no rainfall, resulting in dry land there can not be farming. According to statistics, now seaside province of less than 1,000 population in mind, and there are some robber gathered frequented by bandits who robbed the eternal empire, so eternal empire has made several protests, hope arrived in the territory of Ivan Earl After suffering for the Empire to destroy these tumors. "Having these, some gloating on Martin Marquis smiled Yong Yong bird he did, he looked at it so crooked neck, Martin Marquis does not complain, Yin smiled and said:." Wholesale jerseys Cheap know the waterfront Status province's basically it so much, and have a specific person to arrive after Ivan Earl found. Here, I talk about you on the Empire bounden duty, from today, the annual payment of the empire into two taxes, a minimum of not less than two thousand coins; population within two years within the territory of not less than twenty thousand people; can not build more than one private army battalion to maintain local order, guarding the territorial integrity of the empire. Well, almost so much, if you can not complete, Wholesale jerseys supply will recover your territory. "Yong frowned thought for a moment, turned around and asked the Emperor:" Your Majesty, if the discovery of new mineral deposits is not also be mine? "The Emperor nodded and said:" Territory inside the property you manage everything, Empire only taxes, does not participate in the other.

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