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"After hearing the name Yong surprised a moment, looked around with mine, but found mine with deadpan, looked straight ahead and looked at the front, did not see this man look Yong heart whispered:." So this person is Ray told the father, ah, do not know how their Wholesale jerseys nfl ended up this way, with enemies like. "Yong helpless shrug, after the Reagan's father nodded, and turned around and asked Martin Marquis:" seaside province's coastal waters counted my territory, maritime boundaries with other countries is how to divide? "Martin Yong Marquis looked surprised look, he did not expect to actually know how to divide the waters Yong Martin Marquis replied:." Waters of one hundred kilometers from the coastline is your territory, eternal empire to the east is the same, maritime boundaries with boundary line shall prevail. The waters of the western side of the forest of Warcraft No Country, so if you can develop the occupation, they are considered your territory, but the occupation of those waters, and not for the empire to break ripper, do not Wholesale jerseys usa any merit. "Martin Marquis despicable mind thinking:" Only a few fishing villages wreck, how far you want to run, did not wait to Wholesale jerseys vip your own territory would have sunk. "Yong nodded suddenly said:" Oh, I probably clear. "The Emperor Yong already see his territory has had a rough idea, then added:" You know the good, the Empire will send you some one-off gold to fund the construction of your territory. Plus you caught the two princes of the empire Lawson ransom, they give you a total of one hundred thousand gold bars. "Before Yong react thousands of gold coins Wholesale jerseys nike how much money will be open to prevent the Duke Sanchez said:" Your Majesty, the years of war, the empire is really not so much gold coins. "The Emperor frowned and asked:" How much can come up with? "Duke Sanchez replied:" come up to forty thousand, plus the ransom, come up to fifty thousand gold coins. "The Emperor looked at him, turned to Wang Yong said:" it would give you fifty thousand, before you start, go there to collect the Duke Sanchez. "Yong look calm replied:" Yes, Your Majesty.

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